111.01   Definitions
   111.02   Local Liquor Control Commissioner
   111.03   License required
   111.04   Applications
   111.05   Restriction on licenses
   111.06   Term of licenses
   111.07   Examination of applicant for local license
   111.08   License fees
   111.09   Outdoor restaurant permit
   111.10   Number of licenses
   111.11   Limitation of classes of liquor licenses
   111.12   Disposition of fees
   111.13   Renewal of license
   111.14   Insurance requirement
   111.15   Closing hours
   111.16   Entry powers of Commissioner
   111.17   Record of licenses
   111.18   Transfer of license
   111.19   Change of location
   111.20   Duration of licenses
   111.21   Revocation, suspension of license
   111.22   Give away prohibited
   111.23   Sealing and removal of open wine bottle from restaurant
   111.24   Bottle clubs
   111.25   Delivery, dispensing and serving of alcohol at City Hall  
   111.40   Dancing
   111.41   Conduct or act prohibited
   111.42   Soliciting drinks
   111.43   Consumption of alcoholic beverages and removal of alcoholic liquor from premises
   111.44   Peddling
   111.45   Licensee to aid in enforcement
   111.46   Disorderly persons
   111.47   Violation of city, state, or federal laws
   111.48   Sanitary conditions
   111.49   Employees
   111.50   Location restrictions
   111.51   Access from licensed premises to dwelling quarters
   111.52   Stores selling school supplies, lunches
   111.53   Sale to persons under the age of twenty-one years
   111.54   Purchase or acceptance of gifts of liquor by persons of nonage; identification cards; rules and regulations
   111.55   Sale to intoxicated persons; habitual drunkards
   111.56   Alcoholic beverages on public ways
   111.57   Parental responsibility for parties involving minors
   111.58   Prohibition of adults allowing gathering of minors who consume alcohol
   111.59   Prohibitions of renting hotel by adults to allow minors to consume alcohol
   111.60   Unlawful activities or non-compliance
   111.99   Penalty
   Appendix:   Application for tasting and/or sampling privilege for Class H-1 or H-2 licensee