General Provisions
   54.01   Application for connection of premises to city electricity system
   54.02   How and by whom connections made; costs of connections
   54.03   Turning on of electricity to premises prohibited until service contract signed by customer and any required deposit has been paid
   54.04   Customers not to supply electricity to others except by city permission
   54.05   Notice and turn-off fee prior to discontinuance of service
   54.20   Rates established as prescribed in this subchapter
   54.35   Applicability of subchapter; “electrical equipment” and “reasonably safe to persons and property” defined
   54.36   Electrical Inspector; office created; qualifications of Inspector; salary
   54.37   Electrical Inspector; powers and duties generally
   54.38   Inspector and assistants prohibited to engage or to have financial interest in electrical business
   54.39   Inspections of electrical equipment and installations; notice of deficiencies and required correction thereof; when current may be shut off
   54.40   Standards for installation of electrical equipment
   54.41   Required compliance with State Building Code; conflicts of law
   54.42   Work which requires permit; application for permit; deviations
   54.43   Permit and inspection fees
   54.44   Regulations governing inspections and certificates generally; duties of persons doing work under permit
   54.45   Connections requiring special permission; temporary installations
   54.46   Prohibited connections; when power company required to disconnect services
   54.47   Persons doing electrical work shall maintain copies of their state licenses on file in office of Electrical Inspector
   54.48   Violations
   54.49   Liability for damages
Statutory reference:
   City to make provision for inspection of electrical installations within its jurisdiction and to require electricians to file with city a copy of their current state license, see M.S. Chapter 453