351.01   Police may remove unattended vehicle which obstructs traffic
   351.02   Registered owner prima-facie liable for unlawful parking
   351.03   Prohibited standing or parking places
   351.04   Manner of parallel parking; privileges for handicapped
   351.05   Manner of angle parking
   351.06   Selling, washing, or repairing vehicle upon roadway
   351.07   Unattended vehicle; duty to lock ignition, remove key, set brake on grade
   351.08   [Reserved]
   351.09   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   351.10   Parking in alleys and narrow streets
   351.11   Parking on off-street public or private property
   351.12   Parking after snowfalls
   351.13   Handicapped parking spaces
   351.14   Overtime parking
   351.15   Parking unsafe vehicles
   351.16   Prohibiting parking
   351.17   Parking of semi-tractor/trailer in residential zone
   351.18   Parking of vehicles containing explosives or hazardous materials
   351.99   Penalty and waiver
   Lights on parked or stopped vehicles, see § 337.09
   Off-street parking, see Ch. 1139
   Parking near stopped fire apparatus, see § 331.32
   Parking upon sidewalks, street lawns or curbs, see § 331.40
   Peddling from motor vehicle, see § 709.03
   Snow removal, see § 541.02