(A)   The parking of vehicles on public or private property excluding dedicated streets and ways set out for public travel and heretofore regulated, shall be prohibited without the consent of the owner of such private property or the proper governmental agency in charge of such public property.
   (B)   No vehicle shall be parked on public property in violation of rules and regulations established by the governmental agency controlling such public property.
   (C)   No vehicle shall be parked on any private property in violation of any regulations established by the owner of such private property.
   (D)   The provision of divisions (B) and (C) hereof shall not be applicable unless private or public property is posted in a conspicuous manner setting forth the prohibitions of parking or the conditions and regulations under which parking is permitted.
   (E)   Upon complaint of the owner or operator of any private parking lot, the Division of Police may remove and impound any vehicle in violation of this section, as provided in § 303.10.
(Am. Ord. 5323, passed 6-23-81)  Penalty, see § 351.99