(A)   No person shall park a truck or other vehicle, the gross weight of which, with load, exceeds 7,500 pounds and no person shall park a trailer having a length exceeding ten feet on any street in any of the following zones in the city, to wit: R-la, R-lb, R-lc, R-lcC, R-lu, R-2, R-3, PUD, RCD, MHP, or the Central Business District Zone except for loading or unloading of materials for periods not to exceed 30 minutes.
   (B)   No person shall park a camping/vacation mobile unit, as defined in § 1131.026, on any street in the Central Business District for any period exceeding six hours. 
(Ord. 6226, passed 5-24-88; Am. Ord. 7153, passed 12-26-95)  Penalty, see § 351.99