Article I. Incorporation and Corporate Powers
   1.1.   Incorporation and general powers
   1.2.   Exercise of powers
   1.3.   Enumerated powers not exclusive
Article II. Corporate Boundaries
   2.1.   Existing corporate boundaries
   2.2.   Extension of corporate boundaries
Article III. Mayor and Board of Alderpersons
   3.1.   Composition of board of alderpersons
   3.2.   Mayor and mayor pro tempore
   3.3.   Terms; qualifications; vacancies
   3.4.   Organization of board of alderpersons; oath of office
   3.5.   Meetings of board
   3.6.   Ordinances and resolutions
Article IV. Elections
   4.1.   Regular municipal elections
   4.2.   Other municipal elections
Article V. Town Attorney
   5.1.   Appointment; qualifications; terms; compensation
   5.2.   Duties
Article VI. Administrative Officers and Employees
   6.1.   Form of government
   6.2.   Deleted
   6.3.   Town administrator/town clerk
   6.4.   Town tax collector
   6.5.   Other officers and employees
Article VII. Finance
   7.1.   Custody of town money
   7.2.   Independent audit
Article VIII. Claims Against Town
   8.1.   Presentation of claims; suit upon claims
Article IX. Town Electric System
   9.1.   Sale, lease or discontinuance of municipally owned electric system
Article X. Street and Sidewalk Improvements
   10.1.   Authority to make street improvements; assessment of costs
   10.2.   When petition for street improvements unnecessary
   10.3.   “Street improvement” defined
   10.4.   Authority to make sidewalk improvements; assessment of costs
   10.5.   Assessment procedure
   10.6.   Effect of assessments
   10.7.   Acceptance of conveyance in satisfaction of assessments
Article XI. Prohibited Acts
   11.1.   Repealed
   11.2.   Discharge of firearms and explosives
Editor’s note:
   Set out herein is the Charter of the Town of Landis, as contained in section 1 of Session Laws 1975, chapter 213, ratified May 5, 1975, together with all acts amendatory thereof. Acts amending the Charter are cited following the sections affected. Unless so cited, each section derives unchanged from the original act.
   A uniform system of capitalization and spelling has been employed, and a frontal analysis has been added for the convenience of the user. Catch-lines have been added or altered where necessary to more accurately reflect the contents of each section.