Historic Preservation Districts (HPD) and Historic Properties (HP)
1134.01    Purpose.
1134.02    Definitions.
1134.03    Procedures for identification, review, and designation of an HPD or HP or landmarks.
1134.04    Location of an HPD or HP.
1134.05    Permitted accessory uses.
1134.06    Procedures for the review of proposed alterations, demolition and new construction and for issuance of approval to proceed with work (Certificate of Appropriateness).
1134.07     Hardship; application filed after denial of a certificate of appropriateness.
1134.08     Demolition or removal of structures in an HPD or an HP.
1134.09    Rescission of a designation or determination.
1134.10     Exclusions.
1134.11     Fees.
1134.12     Affirmative maintenance.
1134.13      Severability.
1134.99   Penalty.
Publication of legal notices - see ADM. Ch. 107
Single-Family Residential Districts - see P.& Z. Ch. 1121
Single- and Two-Family Residential Districts - see P.& Z. Ch. 1123
Lagoon District - see P.& Z. Ch. 1125
Multiple Family Residential Districts - see P.& Z. Ch. 1127
Commercial Districts - see P.& Z. Ch. 1129
Additional district regulations - see P.& Z. Ch. 1133
Administrative powers and duties - see P.& Z. Ch. 1171
Procedures - see P.& Z. Ch. 1173