Mixed Use Overlay District
1135.01   Purpose.
1135.02   Limitations on flexibility of Mixed Use Overlay Districts.
1135.03   Designation of a Mixed Use Overlay District.
1135.04   Location of a Mixed Use Overlay District.
1135.05   Principal and conditionally permitted uses.
1135.06   Accessory uses and structure.
1135.07   Additional uses.
1135.08   Minimum lot area, width, coverage and height.
1135.09   Minimum yards.
1135.10   Fees.
1135.11   Hours of operation in residential district base zone.
Multiple-Family Residential District - see P.& Z. Ch. 1127
Commercial Districts - see P.& Z. Ch. 1129
Conditional uses - see P.& Z. Ch. 1161
Fees - see P.& Z. 1173.06