90.01   Purpose
   90.02   Definitions
   90.03   Livestock and poultry; running at large
   90.04   Dogs; running at large
   90.05   Disturbing the peace unlawful
   90.06   Dogs and cats; number allowed
   90.07   Kennels for dogs and cats
   90.08   Farm animals prohibited within the city
   90.09   Domestic rabbits restricted
   90.10   Animals posing health hazards; authority to prohibit
   90.11   Special permits for certain circus or exhibition animals
   90.12   Cruelty to animals prohibited
   90.13   Pens, yards and runs
   90.14   Food and shelter for animals
   90.15   Birds; buildings and coops
   90.16   Birds; killing or injuring prohibited
   90.17   Pigeons
   90.18   Diseased animals
   90.19   Animal bites; rabies control
   90.20   Keeping of wild, dangerous or vicious animals
   90.21   Killing dangerous or vicious animals
   90.22   Beekeeping restrictions