General Provisions
   116.001   Definitions
   116.002   Conduct of drivers
   116.003   Taxicab stands
Operating Permits
   116.020   Required
   116.021   Issuance
   116.022   Authorization to operate under permit
   116.023   Application requirements for an operating permit
   116.024   Hearing on application
   116.025   Issuance; conditions
   116.026   Expiration
   116.027   Renewal
   116.028   Transfer
   116.029   Availability of permit
   116.030   Retirement and replacement of taxicabs; new permits
   116.031   Grounds for suspension or revocation of an operating permit
   116.032   Surrender
   116.033   Fees
Driver’s Permit
   116.045   Required
   116.046   Application requirements for a driver’s permit
   116.047   Qualifications of driver’s permit applicant
   116.048   Investigation of applicant
   116.049   Refusal; grounds specified
   116.050   Issuance
   116.051   Fees
   116.052   Authority to suspend; third suspension, revocation mandatory
   116.053   Grounds for revocation; acts of drivers
   116.054   Renewal
Operation Requirements
   116.065   Registration and all proper permits necessary
   116.066   Compliance with state law, ordinances and the like
   116.067   Financial responsibility
   116.068   Policies of insurance to be filed with City Manager
   116.069   Operation standards
   116.070   Terms between owner and driver regulated
   116.071   Duty of operating permit holder to keep records and file reports
   116.072   Driver’s daily manifest to be kept; right of inspection by police, City Council, City Manager or designee
   116.073   Drivers’ tags required; dress restrictions
   116.074   Accidents to be reported
   116.075   Occupants of taxicabs
Specifications and Equipment
   116.090   Conformance
   116.091   General construction requirements
   116.092   Equipment required and general maintenance
   116.093   Color schemes
Inspections and Maintenance of Equipment
   116.105   Inspection; right of entry; withdrawal of vehicle when not in good condition; right of reinspection
   116.106   Taxicab found unsafe by operating permit holder to cease operation until repairs are made
   116.107   Duty of owner to clean taxicab
   116.999   Penalty