Sidewalks Generally
   94.001   Snow and ice removal; responsibility
   94.002   Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates and the like on Main Street
   94.003   Removal by city
   94.004   Construction
Maintenance and Repair of Sidewalks
   94.020   Definitions
   94.021   Existing sidewalks; maintenance; inventory
   94.022   Unsafe sidewalks to be repaired
   94.023   Specifications
   94.024   Maintenance and repair; responsibility
   94.025   Areas of city without existing sidewalks
   94.026   Damage or destruction of sidewalks prohibited; liability
   94.027   Review of areas for new sidewalks
   94.040   Permits required
   94.041   Applications for permits
   94.042   Surety bond required
   94.043   Issuance and display of permit
   94.044   Records of permits
   94.045   Work requirements; liability of city
   94.046   Barricades and lanterns required; placement
Snow Removal
   94.060   Definition
   94.061   Commencement of removal efforts
   94.062   Parking during snow removal period prohibited
   94.063   Parking prohibition exemptions
   94.064   Towing of vehicles; violation and piling of snow
Uniform Naming and Numbering System
   94.080   Sections established
   94.081   New streets
   94.082   Numbering system established; distribution of numbers generally
   94.083   Assignment of numbers to properties; powers and duties of Administrator; prerequisite to issuance of building permit
   94.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to require snow removal from sidewalks, see M.S. § 412.221(6)
   Authorizing city to regulate streets and sidewalks, see M.S. § 412.221(6)
   Hazardous excavations, see M.S. § 463.25
   Power of city to name and number streets, see M.S. § 412.221(18)
   Roads generally, see M.S. Ch. 160