The City Administrator, upon the filing of the application and bond and the payment of a fee at a rate set annually by resolution of the City Council and the deposit herein required, shall issue a permit which shall state the name and address of the applicant, the location, nature, purpose and extent of the excavation or opening, the kind or kinds of pavement to be disturbed, the amount of the deposit paid by the applicant and the dates of granting and expiration of the permit. All permits shall be consecutively numbered and shall be made in triplicate, one copy to be given to the applicant, one copy to be delivered to the Street Commissioner and one copy to remain on file in the office of the City Administrator. The permit shall, at all times, be in the possession of a competent person actually on the work and shall be shown upon demand to a police officer or properly authorized officer or employee of the city.
(Prior Code, § 20-6) (Ord. 431, passed - -; Ord. 459, passed - -)