All work under a permit shall be under the supervision of the Street Commissioner and in conformity with the following requirements.
   (A)   Execution. All work shall be started within 24 hours after the receipt of the permit and shall be pursued diligently and continuously until completed. When in consequence of the weather or any process of the law or any other unexpected obstacle, the work shall be stopped for so long a time that public travel shall be obstructed, the excavation or opening shall be refilled and re-paved as if the work contemplated in a permit were actually completed.
   (B)   Amount of surface removed. In no case shall a person open or remove a greater area of surface and at no other location than that specified in the original or supplementary application; provided that, if at the time of actually doing the work, it shall be necessary to open or remove a greater area of surface than originally applied for, the applicant shall first notify and procure the consent of the Street Commissioner to do so upon the express condition that he or she will, before noon of the following business day, file a supplementary application for the making of an additional excavation.
   (C)   Opening of streets at intersection; interference with fire hydrants and the like; snow and the like removal. At the intersection of cross streets, no more than one-half of the width of the street shall be opened at one time; the other half shall remain untouched for the accommodation of traffic until the first half is restored for safe use. All work shall be prosecuted so as not to interfere with easy access to fire houses, fire hydrants and United States mail boxes. The permittee must remove within 24 hours all snow and ice that may fall or form upon the street within three feet upon either side of the opening and keep the space free from snow and ice until the opening is properly refilled.
   (D)   Inspection. The installation of all service lines shall be inspected by a duly authorized city employee before any backfilling takes place.
   (E)   Backfilling. All excavations shall be backfilled and compacted to original density or to 95% of standard proctor density. The broken edges of the original surfacing shall be cut away with a saw. All backfilling and sawing shall be inspected by a duly authorized city employee before any resurfacing is done.
   (F)   Resurfacing. The backfilled and compacted excavation shall be resurfaced using the same material as the original. This shall include all subbase, base and surfacing courses encountered. The restoration and resurfacing shall be completed within 45 days from issuance of the permit for the street opening and shall be the responsibility of the signed applicant whose cash deposit and/or surety bond filed in accordance with regulations set forth in § 94.042.
   (G)   Restoration of curb and gutter. Any portion of the curb and gutter that is damaged in the course of construction shall be restored to its original condition or replaced. By granting a permit or conducting an inspection under the provisions of this subchapter, the city and its duly authorized agents and employees make no representations whatsoever as to the quality of the work and service, or as to the safety measures required herein or taken by the person in the course of the construction.
(Prior Code, § 20-8) (Ord. 431, passed - -; Ord. 459, passed - -; Ord. 677, passed - -) Penalty, see § 94.999