The City Council shall have, in its discretion, the right to determine whether sidewalks would not be appropriate. The discretion shall not prevent the Council from enforcing the other provisions of this subchapter requiring the repair, replacement or maintenance of sidewalks in other areas of the city. As new residential subdivisions and retail areas of the city are developed, the developer as part of the platting process shall make provisions for installation of sidewalks or future sidewalks. Sidewalks shall be made part of all newly constructed (not reconstructed) streets, except in areas of industrial or large commercial development. The cost of initial installation of sidewalks in new subdivisions and retail areas and along new streets shall be the sole responsibility of the abutting owner.
(Prior Code, § 20-29) (Ord. 723, passed - -; Ord. 763, passed - -; Ord. 810, passed - -; Ord. 828, passed 6-11-2008)