The application shall be accompanied by a surety bond, cash or certified check in the sum of $500 to safeguard the public, conditioned on the faithful performance of the work in accordance with the rules, regulations and ordinances of the city, within the time fixed by the city in the permit and for the restoration of any street, alley, sidewalk or other public place in which the excavation or opening shall be made by the person, to its original condition and to the satisfaction of the city and for the maintenance of the condition for the length of time as shall be required by the city and that the persons will indemnify and save harmless the city against and from any and all damages or claims for damages, losses, costs, charges or expenses that may be brought against it by any person, for or on account of injury to persons or property resulting from or occasioned by operating in or using any of the streets under a franchise. Any person who, in the pursuit of his or her regular calling, has request in any public places may file a bond in the sum of $2,000 conditioned as above to cover all excavations made by him or her for a period of two years from the date of filing, but permits for all excavations must be applied for and issued as herein provided.
(Prior Code, § 20-5) (Ord. 431, passed - -; Ord. 459, passed - -)