General Provisions
   153.001   Title
   153.002   Authority
   153.003   Jurisdiction
   153.004   Intent
   153.005   Purpose
   153.006   Word use
   153.007   Definitions
Legal Status Provisions
   153.020   Interpretation of provisions
   153.021   Relationship to other laws and private restrictions
   153.022   Provisions not to constitute consent permit
   153.023   Provisions not to be cumulative
   153.024   Severability
   153.025   Application of regulations
   153.026   Scope of regulations
   153.027   Nonconforming uses
Zoning Districts; Official Zoning Map
   153.040   Establishment of districts
   153.041   Interpretation of district boundaries
   153.042   Application of district regulations
   153.043   Conservation and Agriculture District regulations
   153.044   A Agriculture District
   153.045   Residential District regulations
   153.046   R-2 Multi-Family Residential Districts
   153.047   MHP Mobile Home Park Residential Districts
   153.048   Commercial District regulations
   153.049   CC Core Commercial District
   153.050   GC General Commercial District
   153.051   Industrial District regulations
Off-Street Parking Requirements
   153.065   Residential districts
   153.066   Commercial districts
   153.067   Industrial districts
Sign Regulations
   153.080   Commercial districts
   153.081   Industrial districts
Supplementary District Regulations
   153.095   Visibility at intersections
   153.096   Fences, walls and hedges
   153.097   Accessory buildings
   153.098   Access required
   153.099   Parking, storage or use of major recreational equipment
   153.100   Parking and storage of major farm equipment
   153.101   Building restriction
Historic Districts
   153.115   Designation and intent
   153.116   Creation and composition of Architectural Review Board; appointment, term, vacancies and powers
   153.117   Historic District boundaries generally
   153.118   Alteration or moving of historic structure
   153.119   Time schedule
   153.120   Hazardous building or structures
   153.121   Demolition by neglect
   153.122   Uses permitted
   153.123   Lot regulations
   153.124   Procedure for permit approval
   153.125   Expiration of certificates of appropriateness and permits to raze
   153.126   Appeals from Architectural Review Board to Town Council
   153.127   Appeal to the courts
Nonconforming Uses
   153.140   Purpose and intent
   153.141   Applicability
   153.142   Repairs, alterations and expansion
   153.143   Expansion of nonconforming use
   153.144   Change of nonconforming use
   153.145   Discontinuance
   153.146   Nonconforming signs
Conditional Use Provisions
   153.160   Issuance of conditional use permit
   153.161   Application for conditional use permit
   153.162   Requirements for permit; general provisions
   153.163   General requirements for permit
   153.164   Specific standards for community facility activities
   153.165   Specific standards for residential activities
   153.166   Specific standards for commercial activities
   153.167   Conditional use permit appeals
Zoning Variance Provisions
   153.180   Issuance of zoning variance
   153.181   Application for zoning variance
   153.182   Notice to affected property owners
   153.183   Standards for variances
   153.184   Prohibition of use variances
   153.185   Conditions and restrictions by Board
   153.186   Reversal of decision of administrative official
   153.187   Variance appeals
Administration and Enforcement
   153.200   Creation, membership and appointment of the Board
   153.201   Terms of office of Board members; vacancies; removals
   153.202   Staff of Board; compensation of Board members
   153.203   Powers of Board
   153.204   Election of officers; terms
   153.205   Stay of proceedings
   153.206   Rules and proceedings of Board
   153.207   Zoning Administrator
Zoning Permits; Certificate of Occupancy and Use Permits
   153.220   Zoning permits required
   153.221   Certificate of occupancy and use permit required
Remedies and Enforcement
   153.235   Complaints regarding violations
   153.236   Violations
   153.237   Remedies
   153.250   Authority to amend
   153.251   Initiation of amendment
   153.252   Application for amendment; fee
   153.253   Review and recommendation by Planning Commission
   153.254   Grounds for amendment
   153.255   Public hearing; notice
   153.256   Notice of enactment
   153.257   Amendments affecting zoning map
   153.258   Effect of denial of application
   153.999   Penalty