The following subsections of the International Fire Code as adopted pursuant to Section 1610.01 of the Howell City Code are hereby amended as follows:
   Section 5601.1.1 Explosive materials standards. In addition to the requirements of this chapter, NFPA 495 shall govern the manufacture, transportation, storage, sale handling and use of explosive materials, and the Michigan Explosive Law 1970 PA 202, as amended, or its equivalent.
   Section 5601.1.3 Fireworks. The possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling and use of fireworks are prohibited unless in compliance with the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act, being Act 256 of 2011, as amended by Act 65 of 2013, and as hereinafter amended, or its equivalent, and Chapter 1614 of the Howell City Code, as amended.
   Section 5601.1.4 Rocketry. The storage, handling and use of model and high-power rockets shall comply with the requirements of NFPA 1122, NFPA 1125, and NFPA 1127, and the Michigan Model Rocket Law 1965 PA 333, as amended, or its equivalent.
   Section 5608.1 General. The display of fireworks, including proximate audience displays and pyrotechnic special effects in motion picture, television, theatrical, and group entertainment productions, shall comply with this chapter and NFPA 1123 or NFPA 1126. Approved public displays shall be handled by an approved competent operator, and the fireworks shall be arranged, located, discharged and fired in a manner that will not be a hazard to property or endanger any person.
(Ord. 763.  Passed 9-27-04; Ord. 857.  Passed 7-9-12; Ord. 878. Passed 8-26-13; Ord. 893.  Passed 5-4-15.)