The following subsections of the International Fire Code as adopted pursuant to Section 1610.01 of the Howell City Code are hereby amended as follows:
   Section 105.7.26 Permit issuance.  A permit granted hereunder shall not be transferable nor shall any such permit be extended beyond the time set forth therein unless approved by the fire official. When work is started without a permit, the permit fee shall be doubled.
   Section 106.6 Additional fees. The following fees may be charged for a re-inspection and shall apply to each inspector performing the re-inspection. These fees shall be paid in full prior to the re-inspection being performed.
      1.   $30.00 per re-inspection during normal working hours.
      2.   $75.00 per re-inspection during non-working hours.
   Section 106.7 Cancellation fees. Handling cost of permits canceled after being issued is 35% of the permit fee or $10.00, whichever is greater.
(Ord. 763.  Passed 9-27-04; Ord. 893.  Passed 5-4-15; Ord. 926.  Passed 7-22-19.)