The following subsections of the International Fire Code as adopted pursuant to Section 1610.01 of the Howell City Code are hereby amended as follows:
   Section 202 General Definitions. The following definitions shall be in addition to the definitions noted in the International Fire Code, 2018 edition.
   "Code Official" The fire chief, fire marshal, fire inspector, code enforcement officer, or other designated authority charged by the applicable governing body with the duties of administration and enforcement of the code, or duly authorized representative. The term "fire official" may be used interchangeably with "code official" in this code.
   "False Alarm" Means the activation of an alarm of an alarm system through mechanical failure, malfunction, improper installation or the negligence of the owner or lessee of an alarm system or his/her employee or agent. "False alarm" does not include the alarm caused by severe weather or other violent conditions beyond the control of the owner or lessee of an alarm system or his/her employee or agent.
   "Farm"  Means the land, plants, animals, buildings, structures, including ponds used for agricultural or aqua cultural activities, machinery, equipment, and other appurtenances used in the commercial production of farm products.  MCL 286.472(a).
   "Farm Operations"  Means the operation and management of a farm or a condition or activity that occurs at any time as necessary on a farm in connection with the commercial production, harvesting, and storage of farm products.  MCL 286.472(b).
   "Fire Watch"  A temporary measure intended to ensure continuous and systematic surveillance of a building or portion thereof by one or more qualified individuals for the purposes of identifying and controlled fire hazards, detecting early signs of unwanted fire, raising an alarm of fire and notifying the fire department by method(s) approved or recommended by the code official.
   "Misrepresented False Alarm"  The willful and knowing initiation or transmission of a signal, message or other notification of event of fire or the emergency when no danger exists.
   "Water Capacity"  The amount of water, in either pounds or gallons, at 60 deg. F (15.6 deg. C) required to fill a container full of water.
(Ord. 763.  Passed 9-27-04; Ord. 893.  Passed 5-4-15; Ord. 926.  Passed 7-22-19.)