The following subsections of the International Fire Code as adopted pursuant to Section 1610.01 of the Howell City Code are hereby amended as follows:
   Section 105.6.20  Hazardous Materials. An operational permit is required to store, transport on site, dispense, use or handle hazardous materials in excess of the amounts listed in Table 105.6.20.  An operational permit, once issued, shall remain valid until revoked or until the occupancy for which the permit was issued shall change ownership. Upon any change of ownership, a new operational permit for the occupancy shall be required to store, transport or site, dispense, use or handle hazardous materials in excess of the amounts listed in Table 105.6.20. Notwithstanding the fact that no additional permit need be issued, nor any further fee charged, for a change in the operation or manner of storage, transportation, dispensing, use or handling of the permitted hazardous substance, nor for any change in the type of hazardous substance being so used, any such change from the conditions of the original permit shall create a duty on the permit holder to advise the fire marshal or his designee of such changes forthwith. Failure to comply with this notification mandate may be cause for revocation of an operational permit where the circumstances surrounding such permit have been changed without notice to the fire marshal.
   Exception:   (1)   Nothing in this subsection shall apply to a farm or farm operation as defined in Section 202 of this Code and Michigan Complied Laws Section 286.472, that being the Michigan Right to Farm Act, Act 93 of the Public Acts of 1981, as amended.
            (2)   Nothing in this subsection shall apply to one or two family dwelling occupancies.
   Section  Required amounts for reporting.  Reportable quantities shall be considered the maximum amount of hazardous material on site at any given time. This amount is required to be reported to the fire department as indicated in Table 105.6.20.
   Section  Permit Fees.  The following fees shall be applied to the maximum quantity of each form of hazardous materials:
   Quantity & Form                  Fee
   0 - 1,000 lbs.; 0 - 100 cu. ft.; 0 - 330 gal.          $100.00
   1,001 - 20,000 lbs; 101- 6,000 cu. ft.; 331 - 990 gal.      $250.00
   20,001 + lbs.; 6,001 + cu. ft.; 991 + gal.          $500.00
(Ord. 763.  Passed 9-27-04; Ord. 893.  Passed 5-4-15.)