The following subsections of the International Fire Code as adopted pursuant to Section 1610.01 of the Howell City Code are hereby amended as follows:
Section 312.2.1 Maintenance. It shall be the property owner's responsibility to provide and maintain this protection.
   Section 507.5.4.1. Removal of obstructions. If upon the expiration of the time mentioned in a notice of violation, obstructions or encroachments to fire hydrant, or to other fire protection equipment, are not removed, the code official shall proceed to remove or have removed the same. The expense incurred shall be a debt to the local governing body from the responsible person and shall be collected as any other debt to the Howell Area Fire Authority.
   Section 903.3.5.3 Required pressure margin. Due to unforeseeable and changing conditions within the water supply, the code official is authorized to require a pressure margin of up to 20 lbs. over the minimum design criteria for installed automatic fire sprinkler systems. Where this margin cannot be achieved, approved means shall be taken to provide this margin.
   Section 912.2 Location. With respect to hydrants, driveways, buildings and landscaping, fire department connections shall be so located that fire apparatus and hose connected to supply the system will not obstruct access to the buildings for other fire apparatus. The location of fire department connections shall be within 100 feet of a hydrant and shall be approved by the code official.
   Section 918.1 General. Precautions shall be taken in all rooms and areas containing fire sprinkler equipment such as piping, valve(s), and fire pump(s), to prevent freezing of said equipment during times of extremely cold temperatures.
(Ord. 763.  Passed 9-27-04; Ord. 893.  Passed 5-4-15; Ord. 926.  Passed 7-22-19.)