General Provisions
   92.01   City declared to be bird sanctuary
   92.02   Keeping of animals and fowl within city prohibited; exceptions
   92.03   Running at large; impoundment
   92.04   Sale of baby chicks, ducks, or rabbits; artificially coloring said animals
   92.05   Manatees and seacows
   92.06   Feeding of ducks and pigeons so as to create a public nuisance prohibited
   92.07   Unlawful controlled killing or injuring of or attempting to kill or injure wild animals
   92.08   Animal care; manner of keeping
   92.15   Rabies vaccination
   92.16   Female dogs in heat
   92.17   Barking dogs
   92.18   Dangerous dogs
   92.19   Owners responsible for actions of dogs
   92.20   Running at large
   92.21   Dog bites
   92.22   Torturing or hurting dogs used by Police Department
   92.23   Dog fecal matter on public and private property; removal required
   92.35   Scope, intent of subchapter; compliance required
   92.36   Pens, coops, and other enclosures
Pet Shops; Commercial Kennels
   92.50   Definitions
   92.51   Applicability of regulations
   92.52   Administration by Code Enforcement Special Magistrates
   92.53   License requirements and procedures; fees
   92.54   Minimum standards for the housing and care of animals
   92.55   Dog kennels
   92.56   Cat kennels
   92.57   Pet shops
   92.58   Caged birds
   92.59   Fish
   92.60   Animal displays or exhibits
   92.61   Turtles
Administration and Enforcement
   92.80   Animal Control Officer
   92.99   Penalty