Chap. 701. General License Provisions.
      Chap. 705. Ambulance Service.
      Chap. 709. Billiard and Pool Rooms.
      Chap. 711. Amusement Devices and Arcades.
      Chap. 713. Circuses, Carnivals and Carrousels.
      Chap. 717. City Market.
      Chap. 719. City-Wide Garage or Yard Sales.
      Chap. 720. Cultivators, Processors and Retail Dispensaries of Medical Marijuana.
      Chap. 721. Dances and Dance Halls.
      Chap. 725. Distress Merchandise Sales.
      Chap. 733. Firearms Dealers. (Repealed)
      Chap. 735. Swap Shops/Second-Hand Dealers.
      Chap. 737. Scrap Metal Facilities.
      Chap. 741. Laundries.
      Chap. 745. Mechanical Musical Devices.
      Chap. 747. Motor Coaches.
      Chap. 749. Pawnbrokers.
      Chap. 753. Peddlers, Solicitors, Itinerant Vendors and Canvassers.
      Chap. 754. Street Vending.
      Chap. 755. Banners and City Show Wagons.
      Chap. 756. Sweepstakes/Internet Cafes.
      Chap. 757. Price Gouging.
      Chap. 758. Short-Term Rentals.
      Chap. 761. Taxicabs.