In order that we may have the benefits of municipal home rule and exercise all of the powers of local self-government conferred under the Constitution and Statutes of the State of Ohio, We, the citizens of the City of Hamilton, Ohio, do hereby adopt this Revised Charter for our City.
      ARTICLE I - Name; Boundaries; Form of Government
         1.01   Name and Boundary.
         1.02   Form of Government.
      ARTICLE II - Powers
         2.01   Powers Granted.
         2.02   Exercise of Powers.
         2.03   Construction of Powers.
         2.04   Intergovernmental Cooperation.
      ARTICLE III - The Council
         3.01   Powers of Council.
         3.02   Election, Term, Vacancies.
         3.03   Meetings of Council.
         3.04   Mayor, Vice-Mayor.
         3.05   Compensation of Officials.
         3.06   City Clerk.
         3.07   Rules of Council.
         3.08   Quorum, Voting of Members.
         3.09   Legislative Procedure.
         3.10   Amendments.
         3.11   When Ordinances and Resolutions Take Effect.
         3.12   Authentication and Publication of Ordinances and Resolutions.
      ARTICLE IV - Initiative and Referendum
         4.01   Initiative and Referendum.
         4.02   Petitions for Initiative and Referendum.
      ARTICLE V - Administrative Service
         5.01   The City Manager.
         5.02   Responsibility of Manager - Powers of Appointment and Removal.
         5.03   Removal of Officers and Employees.
         5.04   Council Not to Interfere in Appointments or Removals.
         5.05   Duties of the Manager.
         5.06   Right of Manager and Other Officers in Council.
         5.07   Establishment and Discontinuance of Departments.
         5.08   One Person as Head of Two or More Offices.
         5.09   Number of Assistants and Subordinates; How Fixed.
         5.10   Advisory Boards.
         5.11   Investigations by Council or Manager.
      ARTICLE VI - Department of Law
         6.01   Qualifications and Duties of Law Director.
      ARTICLE VII - Department of Finance - Financial Procedure
         7.01   Duties of Director of Finance.
         7.02   Monthly Statement by Director of Finance.
         7.03   Special Audits.
         7.04   Division of Treasury.
         7.05   Division of Purchases and Supplies.
         7.06   Purchasing and Furnishing Supplies.
      ARTICLE VIII - Finance, Taxation and Debt
         8.01   General.
         8.02   Debt Retirement Fund Commission.
      ARTICLE IX - Improvement Contracts
         9.01   Contracts.
         9.02   Alteration in Contracts.
      ARTICLE X - Department of Civil Service
         10.01   Civil Service Commission.
         10.02   Classification.
         10.03   Civil Service Rules.
         10.04   Application Register.
         10.05   Civil Service Tests.
         10.06   Eligible Lists - Register of Eligibles.
         10.07   Appointments.
         10.08   Limitations on Transfers.
         10.09   Promotions.
         10.10   Service Register.
         10.11   Certification of Payrolls.
         10.12   Investigations.
         10.13   Compensation Established by Council.
         10.14   False Statement by Applicant.
         10.15   Gifts or Payments by Applicants Forbidden.
         10.16   Fraud on Civil Service Provision.
         10.17   Political Assessments Prohibited.
         10.18   Certain Political Practice Forbidden.
         10.19   Political Activity Prohibited.
         10.20   Violations and Penalties.
         10.21   Present Employees Continued.
         10.22   Elected Officials Not to Receive Appointment.
      ARTICLE XI - Public Health
         11.01   Control of Public Health by City.
      ARTICLE XII - Police and Fire Service
         12.01   Police Force.
         12.02   Special Police.
         12.03   Fire Force.
      ARTICLE XIII - Improvements and Assessments
         13.01   Local Improvements.
         13.02   Platting; Streets.
      ARTICLE XIV - Appropriation of Property
         14.01   Appropriation of Property.
      ARTICLE XV - Franchises and Public Utilities
         15.01   Franchise Defined.
         15.02   Grants, Amendments and Renewals of Franchises.
         15.03   Revocable Permits Not Franchises.
         15.04   Passage of Franchise Ordinances.
         15.05   Public Utility Rates; Reserved Rights of City.
         15.06   Value of Grant Excluded.
         15.07   Extensions.
         15.08   Certified Copies of Grants, Etc.
         15.09   No Exclusive Grant.
         15.10   Consent of Property Owners.
         15.11   Public Utility Fixtures and Appliances.
      ARTICLE XVI - Nominations and Elections
         16.01   General Laws to Apply.
         16.02   Nomination by Petition.  (11-6-18)
         16.03   Nominating Petition Papers.  (11-6-18)
         16.04   Filing and Verification of Petitions.
         16.05   Non-Partisan Ballot.  (11-6-18)
      ARTICLE XVII - The Recall
         17.01   Recall Petition Papers.
         17.02   Filing Recall Petition.
         17.03   Recall Election Ordered.
         17.04   Conduct of Recall Elections.
      ARTICLE XVIII - Miscellaneous Provisions
         18.01   Oath of Office.
         18.02   Financial Interest in Contracts, Etc.
         18.03   Continuance of Present Officers.
         18.04   Continuance of Contracts.
         18.05   Hours of Labor.
         18.06   Amendments.
         18.07   When Provisions Take Effect.
         18.08   Relation of this Charter to State Law.
         18.09   City Planning Commission; Organization.
         18.10   Equal Employment Opportunity; Prohibiting Discrimination; Gender.
         18.11   Charter Review Commission.
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