I.  Organization and Powers
   Section 1-1.   Incorporation
   Section 1-2.   Municipal Boundaries
   Section 1-3.   Powers of the City
   Section 1-4.   Authority to Accept Gifts of Property
   Section 1-5.   Powers Not Limited
   Section 1-6.   Ordinances Continued; Pending Actions and Proceedings
   Section 1-7.   Public Works; Condemnation Limited
II.  Elective Officers, Their Duties and Powers
   Section 2-1.   Mayor and Council
   Section 2-2.   Governing Body
   Section 2-3.   Candidacy for Office
   Section 2-4.   Ward Boundaries
   Section 2-5.   Terms of Office
   Section 2-6.   Mayor; Ballots
   Section 2-7.   Council; Ballots
   Section 2-8.   Compensation
   Section 2-9.   Oath of Office
   Section 2-10.   Mayor; Duties
   Section 2-11.   Vice-Mayor; Appointment; Duties
   Section 2-12.   Filling Vacancies in Office
   Section 2-13.   Mayor and Council; Vacancies
   Section 2-14.   Meetings; Regular and Special
   Section 2-15.   Council to Appoint Officers
   Section 2-16.   Quorum
   Section 2-17.   Recall and Removal Applicable
   Section 2-18.   Council to Determine Salaries
   Section 2-19.   Council to Regulate Fiscal Affairs
   Section 2-20.   Authority to Investigate Municipal Affairs
   Section 2-21.   Authority to Appoint Subordinates, Commissions and Boards
   Section 2-22.   Acquisition and Sale of Real Property
   Section 2-23.   Authority to Create Departments
   Section 2-24.   Authority to Enact Municipal Legislation
   Section 2-25.   Oaths
   Section 2-26.   Authority to Grant Pardons
   Section 2-27.   Council Not to Interfere in Appointments and Removals
   Section 2-28.   General Powers; Charter Prevailing
   Section 2-29.   Fiscal Year
III.  Duties of Appointive Officers
   Section 3-1.   City Manager; Powers and Duties
   Section 3-2.   Acting City Manager
   Section 3-3.   City Manager Bond
   Section 3-4.   City Treasurer; Powers and Duties
   Section 3-5.   City Treasurer; Bond
   Section 3-6.   City Clerk; Powers and Duties
   Section 3-7.   City Attorney; Powers and Duties
   Section 3-8.   City Judge; Powers and Duties
   Section 3-9.   City Judge to Determine Rules of Court
IV.  Personal Property Purchase and Bid Procedure
   Section 4-1.   Purchases and Sales
   Section 4-2.   Public Improvements
V.  Municipal Court
   Section 5-1.   Policies and Procedures
VI.  Municipal Elections
   Section 6-1.   County to Conduct Elections
   Section 6-2.   Notification to County
   Section 6-3.   Elections; Time and Manner
   Section 6-4.   Candidacy; When Filing Fee Required
   Section 6-5.   Ballots Not to State Party Affiliation
   Section 6-6.   Certification of Results
   Section 6-7.   Mayor to Provide Map
   Section 6-8.   Eligibility to Vote
   Section 6-9.   Mayor to Provide Charter
   Section 6-10.   Election Expenses
   Section 6-11.   Elections; Date
   Section 6-12.   Notice and Publication of Election
   Section 6-13.   Nomination
   Section 6-14.   Preparation of Ballot
   Section 6-15.   Special Elections; Council Resolution or Order
   Section 6-16.   Mayor and Council; Qualifications
   Section 6-17.   Section "S” Repealed
VII.  Recall
   Section 7-1.   Council Subject to Recall
   Section 7-2.   Initiating Recall Proceedings and Petition
   Section 7-3.   Requirements of Petition
   Section 7-4.   City Clerk to Determine Sufficiency of Petition
   Section 7-5.   Date of Recall Election
   Section 7-6.   Multiple Recalls
   Section 7-7.   Results of Recall
   Section 7-8.   Charter to Govern Recall Elections
   Section 7-9.   Recalled Official Not to Hold Office or Employment
VIII.  Ordinance, Resolutions and Motions
   Section 8-1.   Ordinances; Enacting Clause
   Section 8-2.   Single Subject Required; Amendment
   Section 8-3.   Ordinances; Publication
   Section 8-4.   Ordinances; When Effective
   Section 8-5.   Certain Emergency Ordinances Prohibited
   Section 8-6.   Ordinances; Emergency
   Section 8-7.   Ordinances; Passage; Recording Ayes and Noes
   Section 8-8.   Adoption by Reference
   Section 8-9.   Ordinances; Authentication
   Section 8-10.   Ordinances; Codification
   Section 8-11.   Resolutions; Passage
   Section 8-12.   Approval of Contracts
IX.  General Provisions
   Section 9-1.   Political Activity of Appointive Officers or Employees
   Section 9-2.   Expenses of Franchise Elections
   Section 9-3.   Liability of Officers for Illegal Payments
   Section 9-4.   Dual Office Holding; Compatibility of Offices
   Section 9-5.   Automobile Expenses Limited
   Section 9-6.   Appointments Not for Definite Term
   Section 9-7.   Conflicts of Interest
   Section 9-8.   Nepotism
   Section 9-9.   Waiting-period for Employment of Council Members
   Section 9-10.   General Obligation Bonds
   Section 9-11.   Amendment; Proposal
   Section 9-12.   Acceptance of Certain Gifts Prohibited
   Section 9-13.   Removal from Office
   Section 9-14.   Publication of Charter
   Section 9-15.   Clarification
   Section 9-16.   Separability Clause
   Section 9-17.   Feminine Gender
   Section 9-18.   Abstention from Voting
   General and miscellaneous provisions, see Ch. 10