The City Manager shall be the administrative head of the municipal government responsible only to the Council.  He or she shall not, during his or her tenure of office, be a regular employee or perform any duties for any person, firm, corporation or institution other than the City of Guthrie, and shall not, be interested in the profits or emoluments of any contract, job, work or service of the City.  In addition to the general powers of administration the City Manager shall have the special powers and duties herein enumerated, and shall be directly responsible to the Council for the proper administration thereof, to-wit:
   1.   Administer, monitor and take any appropriate measures to ensure the proper enforcement of all laws and ordinances governing the City by the appropriate City department;
   2.   Appoint and when necessary at any time for the good of the service, remove, demote, lay off or suspend, all heads of administrative departments and other administrative officers and employees of the City, except such deputies or assistants authorized by the Council to be hired by appointive officers (see Article 2, Section 2-15), without regard to age, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex or place of birth. The City Manager, by written directive, may authorize the head of a department, office or agency, to appoint and remove the subordinates in such department, office or agency;
   3.   Exercise actual management, control and supervision over all departments of the City Government and exercise all other administrative functions, except as otherwise in this Charter provided;
   4.   Recommend to the Council for adopting such ordinances, rules, regulations, measures, or policies as he may deem necessary or expedient;
   5.   Keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition of the City;
   6.   Ascertain that all franchise rights and provisions are justly enforced; and ascertain that all leases and contracts with the City are enforced; and notify the Council at least thirty (30) days prior to expiration of such leases or contracts;
   7.   Prepare a budget annually and submit it to the Council and be responsible for the administration of the budget after it goes into effect; the budget shall include both operating needs and capital improvement needs; and recommend to the Council any changes in the budget which he deems to be desirable;
   8.   Submit to the Council a report at the end of the fiscal year on finances and administrative activities of the City for the preceding year; and
   9.   Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
Statutory reference:
   Duties, see 11 O.S. § 10-113
   City Manager, see § 1-20