At such times as a vacancy occurs, the City Council shall appoint by affirmative vote of at least four (4) Council members, a City Manager, a City Treasurer, a City Clerk, a City Attorney, a City Judge and/or an alternate City Judge; in the same manner the City Council may at their discretion appoint additional City Judges as necessary; if more than one (1) City Judge is appointed it shall not be necessary to appoint an alternate City Judge, but one of the City Judges so appointed shall be designated as the presiding City Judge.  Any of the officers thus appointed may at any time, by an affirmative vote of at least four (4) members of the City Council, be removed and a successor be appointed in a- like manner.  The Council, by an affirmative vote of at least four (4) members, may authorize the City Manager or the City Attorney to hire such deputies or assistants as necessary; such deputies or assistants shall serve at the discretion of the appointive officer by whom they are hired.  At such times as the City Attorney cannot represent the City in a given matter or cause, because of a conflict of interest, the City Manager may retain an attorney, subject to the approval of the City Council, to represent the City's interest in such matter or cause.