The City Treasurer shall head the Department of Finance and shall be under the direct supervision of the City Manager.  He or she shall:
   1.   Collect all revenues receivable by the City and deposit them daily;
   2.   Maintain the general accounting system for the City and provide a monthly report to the City Council and the City Manager of monies received and Disbursed and all such other reports as are requested by the City Manager;
   3.   Invest the funds of the City, under the direction of the Council, only in such securities as are provided for by the Constitution and laws of the State of Oklahoma; all uninvested funds shall be deposited by the Treasurer in the depository or depositories of the City;
   4.   Assure that the City depository or depositories shall secure the City for all deposits by getting good and sufficient collateral as is required by the laws of the State of Oklahoma, or by pledging collateral or bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the State or Federal Government in an amount at least equal to the maximum funds the City has or could have on deposit.  The City Council shall approve each depository and shall approve the method of securing deposits therein; such approval of depository and of method of securing deposits shall be by simple majority and shall remain in effect until withdrawn by simple majority.  The Treasurer shall advise the Council of any and all changes in State law affecting the security of deposits in municipal depositories;
   5.   Assist the City Manager in the timely preparation of an annual budget by providing all financial data required by the City Manager and fully cooperate with the City Manager in the timely preparation of annual budget projections to be incorporated into the annual budget which is submitted by the City Manager to the City Council;
   6.   Have such other powers, duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances.
Statutory reference:
   Duties, see 11 O.S. § 10-113
   City Treasurer, see § 1-5