All existing ordinances of the City not inconsistent with this charter or inapplicable under the municipal government provided by this charter shall be and continue in full force and effect until amended or repealed or until they expire by their own limitations, and no existing right, action (civil or penal), suit, proceeding, or contract, shall be affected by the change in the form of government of the City; but all shall continue as though no such change had taken place; and all debts, penalties and forfeitures which have accrued, or which may hereafter accrue by virtue of anything heretofore done or existing, shall inure to the benefit of the City of Guthrie and may be sued for and recovered by the City as though this charter had not been amended.  Nothing herein, however, shall legalize or make legal any invalid indebtedness of the City heretofore contracted or incurred or impair any defense against the payment of the same, nor shall the amendment of this charter in any wise interfere with any proceedings heretofore instituted relating to the levy and collection of taxes, special assessments, or levies of any nature, or with any proceedings to enforce the payment of the same, and all contracts heretofore entered into by the City shall remain in full force and effect and be completed under the ordinances existing at the time of the amendment of this charter.