(a)   Appeals to the Board of Zoning Appeals may be taken by any person aggrieved by the decision of the Building Inspector in refusing building permits, certificates of occupancy or sign permits. Such appeals shall be taken within thirty days after the decision by filing with the Board a written notice of appeal on forms provided for that purpose by the Board, specifying the grounds therefor, and serving, within three days thereafter, a copy thereof together with notice of the date and time of the hearing on the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector from whom the appeal is taken shall forthwith transmit to the Board all papers constituting the record upon which action of appeal was taken. The Building Inspector shall give notice of his refusal in writing to the interested party and shall transmit together with such notice, a copy of the rules, for procedure on appeal as established herein or as may hereafter be established by the Board.
(Ord. C79-74. Passed 1-20-75; Ord. C52-80. Passed 9-2-80.)
   (b)   An application fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be submitted with each application. Each application shall include eleven copies of any attachment. Where a change in the exterior appearance is requested, each application shall include a site plan, building elevation and, where required, a landscaping plan.
(Ord. C53-88. Passed 7-18-88; Ord. C21-96.  Passed 4-1-96.)