The Board of Zoning Appeals shall fix a reasonable time and place for a public hearing of the appeal, give at least ten days prior notice in writing to the parties in interest, give notice of such public hearing by posting notice of the time, date, and place of the public hearing on the City’s website at least ten days before the date of such hearing and decide the appeal within a reasonable time after it is submitted. Upon the hearing, any person may appear in person or by attorney. Any party may have a stenographic record of the proceeding by demanding same at the time of filing the appeal and making a deposit in an amount prescribed by the rules of the Board to cover the cost thereof. Any party may demand that testimony be given under oath and the right to cross examine witnesses.
   All decisions of the Board shall be final and effective after the decision is announced by the Board, except that any decision granting a variance shall not take effect until the expiration of twenty-one days from the date of the meeting of the Board at which such decision is announced during which time the decision may be appealed to Council as provided in Section 1133.07.
(Ord. C79-74. Passed 1-20-75; Ord. C89-90. Passed 11-5-90; Ord. C17-18.  Passed 4-2-18.)