Employer-Employee Relations
EDITOR'S NOTE: City employees, by and through their recognized bargaining agents, negotiate wages, hours, fringe benefits and other conditions of employment from time to time, which conditions are contained in Agreements with the City. Copies of the current Agreements are on file in the office of the City Auditor.
254.01   Purpose; interpretation.
254.02   Definitions.
254.03   Employee rights.
254.04   City rights.
254.05   Recognized employee organization rights.
254.06   Representation.
254.07   Registration procedure prior to recognition.
254.08   Procedures for establishing representation units.
254.09   Certification and decertification as a recognized employee organization.
254.10   Meetings.
254.11   Access to employees during working hours.
254.12   Mediation.
254.13   Separability.
   Minimum wages - see Ohio R. C. 4111. 02
   Right to collective bargaining - see Ohio .R. C. 4111.12
   Wage discrimination on account of sex prohibited - see Ohio R. C. 4111.17
   Strikes by public employees - see Ohio R. C. Ch. 4117
   Personal accountability for organizational conduct - see GEN. OFF. 606.09
   Obstructing official business - see GEN. OFF. 606.14
   Interfering with civil rights - see GEN. OFF. 606. 20
   Guidelines for certain wage increases - see ADM. 252.26