TITLE EIGHT - Boards, Commission and Committees
   Chap. 260.   Planning Commission. (Repealed)
   Chap. 262.   Zoning Board of Appeals. (Repealed)
   Chap. 263.   Planning and Zoning Commission.
   Chap. 264.   Board of Health.
   Chap. 266.   Civil Service Commission.
   Chap. 268.   Board of Park Commissioners.
   Chap. 269.   Parks and Recreation Advisory Council.
   Chap. 270.   Recreation Board. (Repealed)
   Chap. 272.   Treasury Investment Commission.
   Chap. 274.   Tree Commission. (Repealed)
   Chap. 275.   Audit Committee.
   Chap. 276.   Loan Review Committee.
   Chap. 277.   Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council.
   Chap. 278.   Human Rights Board.
   Chap. 279.   Tax Incentive Review Council.