(a)   Recognized employee organizations shall have the right to meet and confer with the Mayor or, at the Mayor's discretion, with a designated representative of the Mayor or his senior assistants. Recognized employee organizations shall be advised of the name and address of the representative.
   (b)   Except in cases of emergency as provided in subsection (c) hereof, the Director of Public Service or the Director of Public Safety shall give reasonable written notice to each affected recognized employee organization of any ordinance, rule, resolution or regulation proposed to be adopted by Council and directly relating to matters within the scope of representation and shall give such recognized employee organization an opportunity to meet with the Director.
   (c)   In cases of emergency when the Mayor determines that an ordinance, rule, resolution or regulation must be adopted immediately without prior notice or meeting with a recognized employee organization, the Director shall provide such notice and opportunity to meet at the earliest practicable time following the adoption of such ordinance, rule, resolution or regulation.
   (d)   In order to assist an employee organization in the collection of dues, such organizations shall have the right to have members authorize deduction of dues from their salaries for payment directly to the employee organization, upon the following terms and conditions:
      (1)   Applications for deduction of dues or revocation of such deduction shall be made in a form approved by the City, executed by the employee.
      (2)   The sums to be deducted shall not include initiation fees, special assessments or fines.
      (3)   Any employee may revoke his dues deduction authorization effective no later than thirty days following his presentation of such revocation to the City Auditor.
      (4)   The City reserves the right to suspend or terminate the deduction of dues in the event that the employee organization or its members engage in unlawful concerted activities.
      (5)   In the event that the City certifies an employee organization as the recognized employee organization for a representation unit, no other organization representing employees within the unit shall have they right to have such employees authorize the deduction of dues under this section and all existing dues deduction authorizations of such employees shall terminate effective the pay period next succeeding the certification of the recognized employee organization. However, the recognized employee organization may request the City to extend, or subsequently to revoke, the dues deduction provisions of this section to other organizations representing employees within the representation unit, with regard to such employees, arid the City shall consider and determine each such request.
(Ord. 71-44.Passed 7-20-71.)