(a)   Representation units shall be established by the Mayor and approved by Council only following submission of requests as herein contained and submission to the Mayor of recommendations by the Director of Public Service or the Director of Public Safety.
   (b)   Employees or employee organizations may request of the Mayor the establishment of a particular representation unit by listing classifications and positions to be included and submitting a petition signed by at least one-third of the full-time regular employees within the proposed representation unit, or a showing that, as of the last regular payroll, at least fifty percent plus one of the employees within the proposed representation unit had executed dues deduction authorizations in favor of the employee organization requesting the establishment of the unit.
   (c)   The Director shall verify all petitions and, upon verification, shall, within a reasonable time, give notice to the employees within the proposed representation unit of the contents of the petition.
   (d)   Employees within the proposed representation unit shall have forty-five days from the date of notification to submit petitions requesting changes in the proposed representation unit. Such petitions must be signed by at least one-third of the employees within the proposed modified representation unit.
   (e)   The Director, after consultation with interested employees or their representatives, shall make a recommendation to the Mayor concerning the proposed representation unit and may recommend a representation unit other than that proposed. No single classification of City employees shall be included in more than one representation unit. Management, confidential employees and classifications having a majority of supervisory employees shall not be included in a representation unit containing classifications having a majority of nonmanagement, nonconfidential and nonsupervisory employees, respectively. The Director shall be guided by the policy of Council that any single representation unit shall encompass as many position classifications as possible consistent with the full use by employees of the privileges of organization and representation established by this chapter. Within the limits of this policy, criteria used in recommending representation units may include, but shall not be limited to, such factors as community of interest among employees, history of representation and the general field of work. No unit shall be established solely on the basis of the extent to which employees in the proposed unit have previously organized.
   (f)   Petitions for changes in representation units may not be submitted sooner than one year following designation of the representation whit by Council.
   (g)   For purposes of this section, only full-time regular employees shall be eligible to sign petitions for the establishment of representation units and, when dues deduction authorizations are submitted as the showing of employee interest, only the dues deduction authorizations of full-time regular employees shall be considered.
(Ord. 71-44. Passed 7-20-71. )