The following main and accessory uses, as defined herein, are expressly permitted in the Motorist Service District:
   (a)   Main Uses.
      (1)   Automotive service station - including the sale of gasoline, diesel fuel, oil and automobile accessories and for auto lubrication, washing and minor repair work within enclosed buildings, in compliance with the provisions established for such use in the U4 District.
      (2)   Automobile repair garage - including the repair of automobile motors and bodies within a wholly enclosed building.
      (3)   Motel or hotel.
      (4)   Restaurants - as defined in Section 1121.29 .
      (5)   Municipally or quasi-municipally operated parking facilities.
   (b)   Accessory Uses.
      (1)   Retail outlets -- involved in the sale of drugs, periodicals, tobacco, flowers, gifts and jewelry.
      (2)   Par 3 or miniature golf course.
      (3)   Swimming pools, assembly rooms, entertainment, restaurant and other facilities customary to the operation of a motel or hotel and wholly enclosed within the main permitted building.
      (4)   Building maintenance storage or utility facilities planned and developed integrally with, clearly incidental to and wholly enclosed within the principal permitted building.
      (5)   Roof top mechanical equipment - as acquired for operation of a main permitted use and as permitted and regulated in Section 1134.06 .
      (6)   Off-street parking, loading and vehicular circulation facilities - as required and regulated in Section 1134.07 .
      (7)   Signs - as permitted and regulated in Chapter 1140.
      (8)   Any other accessory use determined by the Zoning Board and with advertised public hearings according to these Codified Ordinances, to be clearly and customarily incidental to and necessary for the successful operation of a main permitted use, and further provided that such use shall be in conformance with the purposes and nature of this district.
         (Ord. 31-1992. Passed 7-13-92.)