Chap. 501.  General Provisions and Penalty.
Chap. 503.  Advertising and Billposting.
Chap. 505.  Animals and Fowl.
Chap.506 .  Nuisance, Dangerous and Vicious Animals.
Chap. 507.  Abortion Services.
Chap. 509.  Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance.
Chap. 513.  Drug Abuse Control.
Chap. 517.  Gambling.
Chap. 518.  Charitable Fund Raisers.
Chap. 521.  Health, Safety and Sanitation.
Chap. 525.  Law Enforcement and Public Office.
Chap. 527.  Littering.
Chap. 529.  Liquor Control.
Chap. 531.  Minors.
Chap. 533.  Obscenity and Sex Offenses.
Chap. 535.  Noise Control.
Chap. 537.  Offenses Against Persons.
Chap. 541.  Property Offenses.
Chap. 542.  Sex Offender Residency Prohibition.
Chap. 543.  Registration of Convicted Persons.
Chap. 545.  Theft and Fraud.
Chap. 547.  Transportion of Radioactive Materials.
Chap. 549.  Weapons and Explosives.
Chap. 551Lot Maintenance.
Chap. 553.  Railroads.
Chap. 555 .  Criminal Activity Nuisances.