Chap. 701.  General Provisions; Fee Schedule.
Chap. 703.  Admissions Tax.
Chap. 705.  Excise Tax on Lodgings.
Chap. 707.  Canvassers, Solicitors and Peddlers.
Chap. 711.  Discontinuing Business Sales.
Chap. 717.  Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts.
Chap. 721.  Secondhand Dealers.
Chap. 725.  Amusement Devices.
Chap. 727.  Musical Devices.
Chap. 733.  Private Investigators and Agencies.
Chap. 735.  Private Patrol Watchmen and Agencies.
Chap. 741.  Specific Businesses.
Chap. 745.  Taxicabs.
Chap. 749.  Hotels, Motels and Multiple Dwellings.
Chap. 750.  Explosive Devices and Dangerous Ordnance.
Chap. 751.  Dry Chemicals Storage.
Chap. 753.  Commercial Refuse Haulers.
Chap. 755.  Master Cable Television Regulatory Ordinance.
Chap. 757.  Customer Service Standards for the Cable Television System.
Chap. 758.  Snow Removal Contractors.
Chap. 759.  Refuse Scavengers.
Chap. 761.  Real Estate Business.
Chap. 763.  Home Sales.
Chap. 764.  Licensing and Operation of Sexually Oriented Businesses.
Chap. 765.  Cigarette and Tobacco Vendors: Sales to Minors.
Chap. 766.  Tattoo Establishments.
Chap. 767.  Child Day-Care Homes.
Chap. 769.  Video Service Providers.
Chap.  771.  Fair Housing Code.
Chap.  773.  Automotive Sales.
Chap.  775.  Medical Marijuana Operations.