The following regulations shall govern all parking, loading and circulation facilities provided in conjunction with and accessory to main uses permitted in the Motorist Service District:
   (a)   Schedule of Required Parking Spaces shall be provided in the following quantities.
(1)   Hotel, motel
1 space per rental unit plus 1 space
for each employee
(2)   Places of assembly Auditoriums, lodge halls, theaters, gymnasiums and stadiums
1 space per 3 seats of seating capacity of area used for assembly
(3)   Retail stores
1 space per 200 square feet of floor
(4)   Automotive service stations and repair garages
1 space per employee, plus 2 spaces per grease rack plus 1 space per restroom
(Ord. 69-2007.  Passed 10-8-07.)
   (b)   Off-street Loading Facilities.  Off-street loading areas shall be provided to handle all normal deliveries of materials, supplies and equipment.
   (c)   Parking, Loading and Circulation Facilities in Required Yards. Parking, loading and circulation facilities shall be permitted within required yards subject to the following requirements:
      (1)   No parking, loading or circulation facility shall be permitted within ten feet of any lot line or twenty feet of any lot line which represents the boundary of a residential district. Access drives leading from a public street may, however, be located within ten feet of such street provided that the course of the drive is generally perpendicular to that of the public street.
      (2)   All parking, loading and circulation facilities located in yards which abut residential districts or public streets shall be screened from such adjacent uses with appropriate landscape elements.
      (3)   Any underground parking garage may occupy any part or all of the required front, side or rear yards provided such garage extends no more than three feet above the finished grade at any point, and further provided the entire portion of such garage within a required yard is covered with earth and adequately landscaped.
      (4)   The minimum distance between a parking area and permitted main use shall be five feet unless a sidewalk separates the parking area and building wherein there shall be ten feet of separation.
         (Ord. 31-1992. Passed 7-13-92.)