Retail Districts
1135.01   Permitted uses in U4 District.
1135.02   Taverns or stores selling alcoholic beverages in a U4 District.
1135.03   Night clubs, taverns, hotels, restaurants where liquor consumed on premises in U4 District.
1135.04   Mortuary or undertaking establishments.
1135.05   Class U4 prohibited uses.
1135.06   Activities to be conducted indoors.
1135.07   Lot coverage regulations.
1135.08   Height regulations.
Off-street parking facilities - see TRAF. Ch. 353
Liquor control - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 529
Permitted signs - see P.& Z. Ch. 1140
Use limitations - see P.&. Z. 1145.02 et seq.
Building lines - see P.& Z. 1153.07 et seq.