General Regulations
   72.01   General parking regulations
   72.02   Use of street between sidewalk and curb
   72.03   Limited time of parking zones
   72.04   No parking signs required
   72.05   Unattended motor vehicles
   72.06   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places
   72.07   Stopping, standing or parking outside business or residence district
   72.08   Unauthorized use of parking spaces reserved for persons with disabilities
Parking During Snow Plowing and Removal
   72.15   Emergency declared
   72.16   Parking prohibited during certain hours
   72.17   Vehicles interfering with removal of snow
   72.18   Placement of signs prohibiting parking; duty of Superintendent of Streets
   72.19   Removal of unlawfully parked vehicles
   72.20   Notice of removal
   72.21   Cost of removal
Parking Lots
   72.35   Application of provisions
   72.36   Time limitation for parking vehicles
   72.37   Parking lots divided into specific areas; violations
   72.38   Vehicles to park within marked spaces
   72.39   Unlawful to display vehicles in lots for purpose of selling
   72.40   Lease or rental of parking stalls
   72.41   Unlawful to park on city street with expired registration
Administration and Enforcement
   72.50   Additional violations
   72.51   Police to enforce
   72.52   Ticketing of violations; payment in lieu of penalty
   72.53   Where payment made
   72.54   Handling of funds
   72.55   Failure to make timely payment
   72.56   Removal of vehicles from streets under certain circumstances; recovery of vehicle
   72.57   Duty of lessor of vehicle on notice of violation of this chapter
   72.99   Penalty