General Provisions
   37.01   Community Investment Program
   37.02   Charges for accident reports
   37.03   Charges for criminal history checks, fingerprints and police reports
   37.04   Monthly financial reports to Common Council
   37.15   Purchasing Agent; duties and powers
   37.16   Improper purchases
The Use of Competitive Sealed Proposals and Other Processes for Procurement of Goods and Services
   37.17   Definitions
   37.18   Approval or ratification required
   37.19   Effect of adoption
   37.20   Procedures for proposed project requiring professional services when competitive sealed proposals method or QBS method utilized
   37.21   Criteria for evaluation of interested firm
   37.22   Contract approval
   37.23   Reporting requirements
   37.24   Emergency purchases
   37.25   Council approval required for purchases and/or leases of real estate
   37.26   Exception
   37.27   Preference given to Indiana businesses by and through the Department of Purchasing of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana
   37.28   Prohibition on awarding public contracts to certain contributors
City Funds
   37.30   City Sinking Fund
   37.31   Board of Park Commissioners Building and Sinking Fund
   37.32   Special nonreverting funds for park purposes
   37.33   Self-Insurance Program Fund
   37.34   Establishing insurance fund
   37.35   Headwaters capital projects fund
   37.36   Economic development income tax fund
   37.37   Emergency medical service fund
   37.38   Rainy Day Fund
   37.39   Harrison Square parking garage fund
   37.40   Harrison Square stadium maintenance fund
   37.41   City of Fort Wayne Community Trust Fund
   37.42   Motor vehicle license excise surtax and wheel tax