General Regulations
   52.01   Definitions
   52.02   Bylaws and regulations of the Town Council
   52.03   Damaging and defacing of property
   52.04   Right of entry of Superintendent and Inspector
   52.05   Failure to comply with terms
   52.06   Falsifying of information
   52.07   Biennial review
   52.08   Hybrid pretreatment
   52.09   Administrative enforcement remedies
   52.10   Judicial enforcement remedies
   52.11   Remedies nonexclusive and nonexhaustive
   52.12   Increased discharges
   52.13   Pretreatment of wastewater
Connection to System
   52.20   Privies, septic tanks and cesspools
   52.21   When connection is required
   52.22   When public sewer is not available
   52.23   Requirements for connection
   52.24   Extensions outside of town
   52.25   Connections to system by certain out-of-town properties
   52.26   Prohibition of discharge to natural outlets
   52.27   Right to prohibit new connections
Charges, Surcharges and Service Fees
   52.40   Persons subject to fees and charges
   52.41   Effective date; extension to additional property
   52.42   Rate basis
   52.43   Schedule of meter reading
   52.44   Procedure; water obtained from other sources
   52.45   When single meter serves more than one lot or building
   52.46   Procedure; single water meter serves more than one dwelling unit
   52.47   Portion of water not entering sewerage system
   52.48   Metering of sewage; billing procedure
   52.49   Tenants may be billed; examination of records
   52.50   Liability of town for charges
   52.51   Surcharge; based on flow and concentration; rates
   52.52   Sewer charge classes
   52.53   Delinquent accounts
   52.54   Collection through court actions
   52.55   First billing
   52.56   Notification
   52.99   Penalty
   Appendix A: Sewage charges