Parking and Loading
1130.01   Purpose.
1130.02   Off-street parking required.
1130.03   Minimum parking space and driveway aisle standards.
1130.04   Accessible spaces for automobiles and vans.
1130.05   Access for each residential use.
1130.06   Parking spaces by location and material.
1130.07   Units of measurement.
1130.08   Change in use, additions and enlargements.
1130.09   Mixed occupancies and uses not specified.
1130.10   Collective off-street parking.
1130.11   Joint use of facilities.
1130.12   Not to exceed requirement.
1130.13   Number of parking spaces required.
1130.14   Credit for number of parking spaces.
1130.15   Existing parking to be maintained.
1130.16   Dual usage prohibited.
1130.17   Design, development and maintenance of parking areas.
1130.18   Accessory off-street parking on a noncontiguous lot permitted.
1130.19   Special requirements for public off-street parking.
1130.20   Drive-in and drive-through circulation.
1130.21   Off-street loading space.
1130.22   Prohibited uses.
1130.23   Bicycle parking.