(a)   Bicycle parking shall be provided for certain land uses in the City as follows:
Table 1130-3: Number of Parking Spaces Required
Minimum Rack Spaces Required
SF = Square Feet    GFA = Gross Floor Area
All agricultural
Multi-family dwelling
0.5 per unit up to 2 bedrooms plus 0.25 per additional bedroom
All other Residential
All institutional, public and semi-public
1 per 5,000 SF GFA indoor space or 1,000 SF outdoor space, 2 minimum
All commercial/services
1 per 2,500 SF of GFA, 2 minimum
Industrial, Manufacturing and Processing
All industrial, manufacturing and processing
1 per 7,500 SF of GFA, 2 minimum
   (b)   In no case is a single use required to provide more than 20 bicycle parking spaces.
   (c)   Bicycle parking spaces must be located on paved or pervious, dust-free surface with a slope no greater than 3%.
   (d)   Bicycle parking spaces must be a minimum of two feet by six feet. There must be an access aisle a minimum of five feet in width and a separation of five feet minimum from a sidewalk.
   (e)   Each required bicycle parking space must be accessible without moving another bicycle and its placement must not result in a bicycle obstructing a required walkway.
   (f)   All racks must accommodate cable locks and "U" locks and must permit the locking of the bicycle frame and one wheel to the rack and must support a bicycle in a stable position.
   (g)   Bicycle facilities may be placed within the public right-of-way provided the encroachment is approved by the Zoning Administrator.
   (h)   Required bicycle parking spaces must be located on the same lot being served and shall be within 20 feet of the building access point.
(Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)