Chapter 1368
Conditional Use Approval Procedures and Regulations
1368.01   Purpose.
1368.02   Pre-application meeting encouraged.
1368.03   Submission of application.
1368.04   Conditional use application procedures.
1368.05   Public hearing and notice by City Planning and Zoning Commission.
1368.06   General criteria for all conditional uses.
1368.07   Action by the City Planning and Zoning Commission.
1368.08   Terms and duration of conditional use approval.
1368.09   Amendments to conditional use approval.
1368.10   Re-application.
1368.11   Specific regulations for conditional uses.
1368.12   Churches/religious assembly.
1368.13   Group housing units.
1368.14   Public library; public or private school; elementary or secondary.
1368.15   Day care center.