For the purpose of §§ 90.01 through 90.11 and 90.25 through 90.33, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER. The person or persons employed or designated by the City Manager as the municipality’s enforcement officer.
   ANIMAL SHELTER. Any premises designated by action of the city for the purpose of impounding and caring for all animals found running at large in violation of this chapter.
   AT LARGE. Any animal shall be deemed to be AT LARGE when he or she is off the property of his or her owner and not under control of a competent person.
   EXPOSED TO RABIES. An animal which has been exposed to rabies within the meaning of this chapter if it has been bitten by or been exposed to, any animal known to have been infected with rabies.
   FOWL. Any domesticated bird such as game cocks and hens, chickens, ducks and the like, but it shall not include birds used as household pets that are kept inside the house.
   KENNEL. Any person, group of persons or corporations engaged in breeding, buying, selling or boarding of dogs or cats.
   LIVESTOCK. Swine, cattle, goats or any other domestic animal kept for use on a farm or raised for sale or profit.
   RESTRAINT. A dog or cat is under RESTRAINT, within the meaning of this chapter, if he or she is controlled by a leash, under control of a competent person and obedient to that person’s commands, on or within a vehicle being driven or parked on the streets, or within the property limits of its owner or keeper.
   SPAYED FEMALE. Any bitch which has been operated upon to prevent conception.
(1994 Code, § 10-101)  (Ord. 409, passed 2-24-1986; Ord. 425, passed 3-5-1987)