(A)   No person shall have, sell, keep or maintain any wild, exotic, dangerous or non- domesticated animal or reptile without first applying to and receiving from the city a permit to do so; provided, however, the keeping or maintenance of such animal shall conform to any applicable zoning regulations as well as any applicable state and/or federal regulations.
(1994 Code, § 10-108)
   (B)   (1)   The animal control officer and/or any police officer are hereby authorized to apprehend any wild animal that may be at large within the city. Such wild animal may be impounded, released in wild areas outside the city or destroyed as the animal control officer, in his or her discretion, shall determine subject to the applicable state laws. Animal control officers are authorized to use any tranquilizer guns, firearms or any other suitable devices to subdue or destroy any animal that is deemed by the animal control officer, in his or her discretion, to be of a danger to itself or the public health and safety.
      (2)   Any animal brought into the city for purposes of display in any carnival, menagerie or circus shall be fully confined in a secure cage and shall not be removed from the cage under any circumstances.
(1994 Code, § 10-109)
   (C)   Permit costs.
      (1)   An application shall be completed at City Hall and submitted with proof of veterinarian care and photos of said animal.
      (2)   A minimal fee of $5 shall be charged for each permit. Permit will be per animal and approval shall be at the discretion of the Animal Control Officer and/or City Manager. This permit will renew annually and expire one year from the permit receipt.
      (3)   Evidence of wild animal registration shall be kept at City Hall in perpetuity and a decal will be required to be displayed on the window nearest the front door of the property of residence to provide advanced notice to all first responders including but not limited to law enforcement officer, EMTs, etc.
(Ord. 409, passed 2-24-1986; Ord. 831, passed 5-20-2019)   Penalty, see § 90.99