For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   IMPOUNDMENT. The taking or picking up and confining of an animal by any police officer, animal control officer or any other public officer under the provisions of this subchapter.
   MUZZLE. A device constructed of strong, soft material or of metal, designed to fasten over the mouth of an animal to prevent the animal from biting any person or other animal.
   OWNER. Any person, partnership, corporation or other legal entity owning, harboring or possessing any pit bull, or in the case of a person under the age of 18, that person’s parent or legal guardian. A pit bull shall be deemed to be harbored if it is fed or sheltered for three or more consecutive days. This definition shall not apply to any veterinary clinic or boarding kennel.
   PIT BULL. Any of the following dogs:
      (1)   The bull terrier breed of dog;
      (2)   The Staffordshire bull terrier breed of dog;
      (3)   The American pit bull terrier breed of dog;
      (4)   The American Staffordshire terrier breed of dog;
      (5)   Dogs of mixed breed or of other breeds than above listed which breed or mixed breed is known as pit bull, pit bull dogs or pit bull terriers; and
      (6)   Any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of dogs known as bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and any other breed commonly known as pit bulls, pit bull dogs or pit bull terriers; or a combination of any of these breeds.
   PREDOMINANTLY. Knowledge through identification procedures or otherwise, or admission by owner, keeper or harborer, that the dog is more than 50% pit bull. PREDOMINANTLY also means that the dog exhibits the physical characteristics of a pit bull more than that of any other breed of dog.
   SANITARY CONDITION. A condition of good order and cleanliness to minimize the possibility of disease transmission.
   UNDER RESTRAINT. The dog is secured by a leash, led under the control of a person physically capable of restraining the dog and obedient to that person’s commands, or securely enclosed within the real property limits of the owner’s premises.
(Ord. 732, passed 10-22-2012)