General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Running at large prohibited
   90.03   Vicious animals other than dogs and cats
   90.04   Livestock or fowl
   90.05   Pen, enclosure to be kept clean; adequate provisions; nuisances
   90.06   Wild/feral animals
   90.07   Poisoning or trapping of animals prohibited
   90.08   Dead animals
   90.09   Rabies; hydrophobia; duty of owner, custodian; procedure in suspected cases
   90.10   Cruel treatment prohibited
   90.11   Inspections of premises
   90.12   Female canines to be confined when in heat
Dogs and Cats
   90.25   Rabies vaccination required
   90.26   Voluntary animal registration
   90.27   Running at large prohibited and authority to seize
   90.28   Vicious dogs to be securely restrained
   90.29   Noisy dogs prohibited
   90.30   Nuisance defined; actions constituting a nuisance
   90.31   Ignorance of dog’s or cat’s habits no defense
   90.32   Pound to be provided
   90.33   Impoundment
   90.34   Disposition of fees, civil penalties and the like
Pit Bulls
   90.45   Definitions
   90.46   Restrictions
   90.47   Standards and requirements
   90.48   Sale or transfer of ownership prohibited
   90.49   Animals born of registered dogs
   90.50   Rebuttable presumptions
   90.51   Failure to comply
   90.99   Penalty